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Task Management Software That Puts YOU in Control

Hitask is task management software that removes the complexity from project management and puts you in control. With Hitask, you and your project team can quickly and easily set up new projects, assign and share tasks, share a centralized file library and calendar, send and receive notifications, and synchronize everything across all devices.

Single Screen Focus

All on one screen, at your fingertips. HITASK Powerful Dashboard is a result of 10 years of development and improvement.

Our Single Screen Dashboard
Removes Chaos from Project Management

The Hitask Single Screen Dashboard allows you to see all of your tasks and collaboration tools in a single window, including your projects, tasks, calendar, and project team members. Click on individual tasks to expand and modify them. Use drag­-and-­drop to assign or modify tasks.

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Hitask can be used with any Web Browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, Outlook, iCalendar, Google Calendar. Integrates with email, Zapier, IFTTT, or any software using our open API.

Feature List

  • Projects, tasks, events, notes
    Categorize items
  • File storage
    Attach documents to tasks and projects
  • Repeating tasks
    Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly with custom repeat pattern
  • Sub-tasks
    Hierarchical task lists
  • Tags
    Categorize with tags
  • Task colors
    Color-code your tasks and projects
  • Deadlines and Due Dates
    Set deadlines, get notified if deadline missed
  • Assignments
    Assign tasks to your team mates, get notified when task is updated or completed
  • Task comments
    Add comments to tasks, get notified when comment is added
  • Chat
    Team chat
  • Notifications
    Email and mobile Push notifications. Due reminders
  • Time tracking
    Track time spent on tasks or use timer
  • Email tasks
    Create tasks by sending email to Hitask account
  • Reports
    PDF and online reports
  • Outlook
    Outlook calendar synchronization
  • Google Calendar
    Google Calendar and Tasks synchronization
  • Export
    CSV and Excel export
  • Free Apps
    Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android

Case studies of how businesses benefit from Hitask

Learn how Hitask has helped our customers organize and streamline their businesses

Industries that greatly benefit from using Hitask

Marketing Agencies

One of the biggest obstacles facing marketing agencies is how to efficiently and accurately manage multiple clients, with each client having potentially dozens of projects, hundreds of tasks, and hard deadlines that must be met. Hitask removes these obstacles and brings efficiency and increased profitability to marketing agencies by... Read more

Design Companies

Design companies face many challenges when managing projects with the greatest challenge being how to manage a large volume of client change requests. When working on a design project, the design team may need to make dozens and sometimes hundreds of edits to a project before the client gives their final approval. Hitask makes managing design projects more efficient by... Read more


Businesses in the startup stage are in a constant state of change, and they need a project management software system that is both flexible and simple to use. Hitask makes it easy for startup companies to manage projects by... Read more

IT / Software companies

Completing software and IT projects on time and on budget has always been one of the most difficult challenges for a project manager. The reason for this is the complexity of programming combined with the constant state of change in software functionality requirements and the impact of those change requests on the entire project. Hitask streamlines project management for IT and software companies by... Read more

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