Collaborate With Your Team

The Evolution of Hitask Developed in 2006, Hitask has become one of the world’s leading project and task management tools with a user base of over 500,000 users and companies.

World-Class Security

You can rest assured that your data is safe with Hitask. Hitask is hosted at a highly secure data center in Washington, D.C. Our data is accessed and maintained under the strictest security standards. All communication between you and Hitask is encrypted using the SSL/HTTPS industry standard.

We have redundant data mirroring with continuous encrypted backups made for all data.

Your data is completely private and can only be accessed by you. We do not access, mine, resell or analyze any of our customer data.

We follow the strictest standards for data security for our data centers and for our personnel.

If you decide to cancel your Hitask account, we will not store your data, your data will be immediately destroyed.

We can provide a limited SLA agreement on demand. Our uptime is 99.9%.

Fast and Friendly Customer Support

Hitask provides fast and friendly 24-hour support via email and our web support portal. We respond to all support requests within one business day and often within an hour.

We’re Always Making Hitask Better

We listen to your feedback and we are always adding powerful new features to Hitask to make it an even better project management solution for you.

We also constantly monitor any issue reports, and we promptly fix any problems we find.