Collaborate With Your Team

Hitask has made managing, communicating, and collaborating with your team members incredibly easy. With a Hitask Team account you can delegate tasks and projects, share your calendar, track the time spent on a specific task by team member, and communicate with everyone on your team.

Assign Tasks

Assigning tasks to your team members is easy with our drag and drop task assignment. Every team member can assign tasks and projects to each other, add comments, and modify shared items for which they have been granted access.

Share Tasks

To share tasks and projects, simply enable the "Shared" option on a task or project and it will automatically be visible to all team members. With help of comprehensive Permissions options, you can choose which team members are allowed to change or complete which tasks. Or selectively share certain tasks and projects.


Scheduling and File Sharing

When you create a scheduled event, everyone on your team receives an immediate notification directly to their calendars.
To share a file, simply upload the file, or use drag and drop, and then attach the file to a task so your team members can view and download it.


Get Automatic Notifications of Your Team’s Progress

You are immediately notified when there is an event that requires your attention. You can receive a notification when your task is complete, when you receive a new assignment, or when a comment from a team member has been added to a task. Notifications are sent via email and in-app push notifications.